Making sense with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

Most of you by now have at some level come across the term PeopleSoft on Oracle cloud.
My observation at the Open World conference is that the understanding of PeopleSoft on Oracle cloud varied vastly among PeopleSoft users. While some were actively preparing to take their PeopleSoft application to Oracle cloud, some were hearing it for the first time and some just hate to hear PeopleSoft and cloud in the same sentence.

Well PeopleSoft on Oracle cloud simply means running your PeopleSoft application on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure instead of your on-premise infrastructure. It is still the application custom fit for your business processes maintained by you, when and how you prefer to do it. Instead of maintaining a large on-premise infrastructure investment you start consuming infrastructure as service and leverage the key benefits of cloud computing – agility, reduced cost and scalability.
Some customers have long been running PeopleSoft on 3rd party or other cloud infrastructure, so what has changed now?
Key differentiator is that the PeopleTools technology platform is now equipped to fully realize the potential of running PeopleSoft on cloud infrastructure. PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture utilities – Deployment Packages, Automated configuration manager etc. allows for dynamic scaling, quick patching and optimize hardware resources by creating middle-tier virtual machines (VMs) on demand. Most importantly these tools greatly simplify the process of migrating from on-premise to cloud infrastructure.


Why specifically Oracle cloud?
Some of the enhancements to PeopleTools technology can be leveraged on any cloud platform. However with its own cloud infrastructure, Oracle has built more capabilities that PeopleSoft can leverage to take this automation to the next level, which isn’t available at other cloud vendors. Cloud manager for PeopleSoft showcased at Open World is a perfect case in example,with purpose built orchestrations for Oracle cloud it greatly simplifies PeopleSoft environment management tasks, all from easy to use web front end, fancy that.

Even in this early days the value proposition that Oracle Cloud offers to PeopleSoft with features like cloud market place and cloud manager is worth noting and no doubt the list is set to grow.
Proliferation of cloud computing is one of the most impactful trends in the world of enterprise IT today.There is no doubt that majority of on-premise PeopleSoft workload will be moving to cloud infrastructure in the coming years and Oracle cloud is the destination of choice.

PeopleSoft will not just move to cloud but it will thrive in cloud because,

  • It’s now a product with the technology platform that can fully realize the potential of cloud computing.
  • Product maintenance has long gone agile with continuous delivery model and granted the power to customers thru selective adoption.
  • A unique value proposition for an enterprise product that can custom fit to business process yet stay agile and offer the benefits of cloud computing.

Keen to start exploring PeopleSoft on Oracle cloud?

Considering moving your PeopleSoft Workload to Oracle Cloud?

Big-bang –  Lift and shift your entire PeopleSoft infrastructure from on-premise to Oracle cloud. Regardless of how adventurous you are get the experts involved. At Presence Of IT we are at the fore front of this paradigm shift and are helping our customers manage this move effectively.

Not ready for big bang – There are variety of use-cases for you to get there gradually.

  • Oracle cloud is a great value add for managing your selective adoption workload
  • Get your non-production and dynamic project environments to cloud
  • With necessary expertise built start planning your production move to cloud

Are there data sovereignty or other limitations preventing your move to external data centers? Check out Cloud Machine.

Cloud is not your thing, yet?
There is still lot of incentive for you to keep abreast with PeopleTools updates happening in this space, as many of these features can benefit your on-premise application maintenance. Actively make use of the features to enhance your internal processes which can significantly lower your cost of ownership.

2 thoughts on “Making sense with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

  1. Hello Logesh, Good Information Thank you!
    Should We run all default programs after creating the user profile ? Like — Refresh SJT Class All ; Trans SJT tables
    My client wants to implement SSOgen for Peoplesoft SSO..
    1.Peoplesoft SSO
    2. SSOGEN
    Any recommendations please?


  2. Thank you for this. Peopletools innovations, as mentioned, really do take advantage of what Peoplesoft offers on a cloud infrastructure. A scalable, mobile solution and a Peoplesoft Cloud architecture within Peopletools 8.55, brings user experience to new levels with an intuitive design targeted at the C-suit. And now with Selective Adoption customers can apply changes on their schedule not the vendor’s, so organizations have the freedom to determine the roll out operation that meets their needs. With moves to the cloud, organizations are increasing overall efficiency, performance and compliance.


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