Fluid Candidate Gateway – First look

In my earlier posts I had shared my first hand experience of using deployment packages and Oracle Cloud service.While deployment packages drastically reduced the time and effort to setup a PS demo environment, now combining it with the power of cloud and marketplace, Oracle has taken this efficiency to a whole new level.

Update image 18 for HCM 9.2 application was released this week with a wide range of new features. As you may know by now, it’s no longer necessary to plough thru a bunch of documents to know the features, a video highlight of the key features is released as part of the updates – HCM PUM 18

A standout feature in this update is the fluid version of candidate gateway. Since seeing this as part of the road map last year, I was quite keen to get my hands on it. It simply is one of the most anticipated feature for customers using PeopleSoft recruiting solutions.

PeopleSoft Demo application – Image 18 is available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, details here – PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image 18 DEMO


To get this demo application deployed from the market place, a subscription to Oracle compute and storage cloud is required either on free-trial or a paid one. Choose to deploy the application and go thru a handful of guided steps to complete the process.


By the end of submission, deployment process begins and in couple of hours the demo environment is up and running.

Here is the first look of candidate gateway on a mobile,


A key concern from PeopleSoft customers on selective adoption is the difficulty in adjusting to the pace of continuous delivery model where new application features are released thick and fast every 3 months.

Oracle has now simplified the enterprise application deployment process to a comical level. From getting notified of a new feature to getting your hands on it in couple of hours time –  that’s simply incredible!

Now it’s up to customers to start making the best use of these features.

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