Recruitment – Attachment Enhancements

In recent updates to HCM application, attachments functionality in recruitment modules has seen significant improvements.

Users familiar with candidate gateway application process will be well aware of the limitation of having only one file attachment in resume section, although multiple files were allowed as part of applicant home feature. Though it sounds simple, its a constant item requiring customization at many sites, and as a consultant I am glad to avoid those awkward explanations.

Enhancements released in Image 13 for HCM 9.2 (bug id – 20759538) , address this issue and vastly improves file attachment capability in candidate gateway. New configurable features allow cover letter attachments to be added on the resume section of the application.


It is possible to configure a separate ‘Attachments’ section within each application allowing users to add a variety of supporting documents specific to each job.


Application print functionality in Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) module has been enhanced in the latest update – Image 17 (bug id – 22186724).

It is now possible to select and print attachment files along with application contents either for single application or multiple applications using group action.