PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud is getting REAL

Running your PeopleSoft applications on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is getting real day-by-day. You can now get the latest PeopleSoft demo application setup on Oracle cloud service in a matter of hours.

I made use of the 30 day free trial offering to setup a HCM 9.2 demo environment. For those who are keen to get your own demo environment or wanting to explore Oracle’s cloud offering further,

Concept – PeopleSoft On Oracle Cloud

Tutorial – Deploying PeopleSoft Applications on Oracle Compute Cloud




3 thoughts on “PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud is getting REAL

  1. Logesh – can you please let us know steps to get the 30-day trial? Does it involve setting up the App Designer as well, or is it just PIA?


    • Hi,
      To setup a PS demo environment on Oracle cloud you will need subscription to ‘Compute’ cloud service, part of the IAAS offering. You shall register for a free trial 30 day period for this service on this link –

      Once you are setup for the compute cloud service you shall follow in the instructions from the link on this blog.
      Easiest option to install DEMO on the cloud is to deploy it from Cloud market place. Which will install a full tier PS application.
      If you need application designer connection then you will have to open up additional ports and also do client installation on your local machine.


  2. Thanks Logesh Certainly something that would be good to share with DU at the meeting tomorrow

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