PUM Dashboard a must-have for Selective Adoption

PeopleTools 8.55 has made significant strides in technology to make ‘Selective Adoption’ a reality. A key feature in that regard is PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Dashboard that enables customers to have insight into the level of maintenance and new features that have been applied to their system. While PUM utility has been around for few years now (since PT 8.53), it has been primarily targeted at system administrators. This new dashboard opens up the application maintenance information to a larger group of users like SMEs, business owners etc.

PUM dashboard provide analytics under following categories,

  • BUG by Target Database – Shows the percentage of fixes applied relative to the total number of fixes in an image to give an idea of how current their system is.
  • BUG Status by Tag -Shows the percentage of fixes applied for a tag value relative to the total percentage of fixes available for the tag to give an idea of how current a single tag is.
  • BUG Status by Product – Shows the percentage of updates applied to all products relative to updates available for a single product to show how current a single product is compared to other products.
  • BUG Status by Image – Shows the total percentage of fixes applied relative to when the fixes were first available to give an idea when the fixes were available that have been applied.

Note: Term BUG used here provides a unique reference to items in Oracle Support and covers all kinds of system changes like enhancements, new features, legislative patches and bug fixes.

Snapshot of the dashboard with analytics data,


Trivia: Starting PT 8.55, you can build dashboards, workcenters and activity guides for Fluid UI. PUM dashboard is first of the block and is delivered in fluid UI.

Once we get over the fancy looking charts, to put into perspective the level of information made available using this dashboard, we just need to look at the current process of obtaining this information.

Typically customers use ‘Cumulative Feature Overview- CFO’ tool (link here) to generate a report for selective list of products between a source and target version. This report has to be then sliced and diced by image, tag and product, even then  info like bugs/patches already applied at specific customer sites wont be available in the report.


PUM dashboard makes available all this information and crucially comparative to the precise state of customer’s application maintenance.

Prerequisite to use this dashboard: Use change assistant and load your target database information on to latest available PUM source image.

Each of the chart in the dashboard can be drilled down to get into finer details. A very useful feature of these individual charts is the option to extract the underlying data as a report in single click.

BUG Status by Tag


Click on the Percent column hyperlinks in the data table to access underlying data as query output (shown below) which then can be exported using a variety of file formats.


BUG Status by Product

This is my personal favorite, just how good it will be for your SMEs to review the changes for their modules and ask for specific patches? This truly can increase the rate at which new features are absorbed by customers, which is the key objective of selective adoption.


BUG Status by Image



If you haven’t already seen this dashboard at your site, talk to your IT now!

This dashboard is a very powerful feature and must-have to kick start your selective adoption for PeopleSoft applicaitons!!!

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  2. This is a cool update to the application, too bad they didn’t bother spending much time on UX. Percentage graphs that go up to 120%, pie charts with 100 series, bar charts with no labels? I hope this isn’t indicative of what’s coming with the cloud! 🙂


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