Staying classic in PT 8.55 (for now)

As it is common with any drastic usability change, home page and navigation defaults in PeopleTools 8.55 has come as surprise to many customers. Support forums is awash with discussions and queries, which reminds me of ‘start menu in windows’ fiasco.

For those who are not familiar, PeopleSoft applications version 9.2 running on PeopleTools 8.55 will use new fluid navigation standards,

  • Fluid Homepage is default for all devices
  • Drop Down navigation menu is NOT available – Replaced by combination of homepage tiles, navigation collections (NAV BAR)

As queries come in from customer who wish to upgrade to PT 8.55 while retaining classic navigation, look and feel, Oracle has discussed following options.

Change default home page from Fluid to Classic on PT 8.55

Reference – Doc ID 2095010.1

Override the fluid homepage defaults for desktop(PCs) and tablets using the PeopleTools Personalization page


HPPC applies to laptop and desktop computers and HPTABLET applies to mobile devices. If you want to change the default homepage displayed for a device, click the Set Option Default Value link, and select the desired homepage.

Enable Drop Down Menu on the Home page for PT 8.55

Reference – Doc ID 2094458.1

There are two ways to do this,

Method 1 – Switch back to older tangerine or tangerine_alt theme

  1. Go to PeopleTools >> Portal >> Branding >> Branding System Options;
  2. Change the system default theme back to the old tangerine or tangerine_alt DEFAULT_THEME_FLUID to DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT

Method 2 – Un-hide the drop down menu in default fluid theme

  1. Go to PeopleTools >> Portal >> Branding >> Define Headers and Footers;
  2. Search and open the DEFAULT_HEADER_FLUID header definition;
  3. Copy the following styles into the “Style Definitions” field at bottom of the page, and then save;
.desktopFluidHdr .ptdropdownmenu {
display: block;

Important: Though Oracle has provided these options to customers who want to continue the ‘classic’ way of doing things, they have reiterated time and again that fluid is the way forward and strongly encourage customers to start using fluid navigation and homepages as it simply is the intuitive and faster way to use the application.

17 thoughts on “Staying classic in PT 8.55 (for now)

  1. Hello, we are finding that it is not possible to default to a Classic Page when you use a Small Form Factor Device. Is there anyway around this? We really need it so that when a user logs in through any mobile device they continue to see a Classic page and not a FLUID homepage.

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  2. Thanks for the great article. If the client decided to stay on Fluid, when the bolt on applications are brought forward to 9.2/8.55, would you happen to know how those pages (from 9.1) would be rendered?


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    • Hi Logesh,

      We have one issue. when we have enabled fluid mode and the personal details tile, then if I am accessing the personal details from fluid or classic it is redirecting to fluid page/compenent only. Our customer is expecting that when they access from the fluid home then they should get fluid page/component and from the classic home (self – service > personal Information > Personal Information Summary) then classic component should come. we have removed the fluid component given at the Portal registry structure content reference attribute value. is there any setup level configuration for all these type of components?
      the tools version is 8.54.15 & application is 9.2 (PUM 20)


      • Hi, When you state you have enabled fluid mode, how have you done this? As per the conditional navigation logic, peoplebooks states “If a fluid page is equivalent to a classic page, then in fluid mode, the classic menu provide navigation to the fluid page rather than to the classic page.”


  5. Hi Rakesh, if I understand you correctly we’ve achieved that by making Fluid as default landing page for all users and then allow My Personalisation (Personalize General Options) where users can elect to go to Classic as their starting page (Personalization Option = PC Homepage). This will a one-off choice and users can switch between Fluid and Classic homepages.

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  6. Thanks Logesh. That was so useful. quick question.
    Is there any possibility to have Classic home Page for few users and Fluid Home Page for few users when they are in Landing Page on 8.55.. (by having roles/PLs or by any way. Thank you!


    • Hi Rakesh,

      Currently there is no functionality to control landing page at user level (Roles/PLs/Personalization) etc.
      It will have to be system level setting by screen size i.e. desktop/tablet and mobile.
      If customization is an option for you achieve this control (default landing by role/pl), then you may start with this iscript – WEBLIB_PTBR.ISCRIPT1.FieldFormula.IScript_StartPage



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