Wizdler for PS Integration Testing

While I am a big fan of SOAP UI, a highly rated integration testing tool, recently came across a light weight chrome extension called ‘Wizdler’, which is quite handy for testing SOAP webservices on the fly.

Install this extension to your chrome browser and it automatically recognizes a WSDL URL, parses it and allows you test the service by building sample messages.

From PeopleSoft integration perspective, found it useful to quickly test a SOAP service provided by PS or generate sample SOAP messages to test a 3rd party service subscribed by PS.

Download and enable extension – WIZDLER from chrome web store.

Notice WIZDLER Icon on the top right hand corner enabled when you access any WSDL URL e.g. globalweather using chrome browser. Click on the icon and notice WSDL has been parsed and the operations listed. Select any operation to invoke.


Sample XML message is built to match the schema. Choose the invoke method e.g POST and provide an example value and execute operation using ‘Go’ action.


SOAP response posted on browser window.