PT 8.55 – Developer API changes

Much of the focus on recently released PeopleSoft tools version 8.55 has been in the following areas as they are either new or seen major enhancements.

  • Fluid UI & Portal Technology
  • PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture
  • Reporting and Analytic Tools

There are few not so publicized changes in the application development space i.e. PeopleCode APIs and Application designer that could be put to good use as well.

Items that caught my attention,

Enhanced AddAttachment and MAddAttachment Functions – A cloud storage location can be selected by the user as location to upload from.

-Great value add for file attachments in self-service space as it gives users an option to attach files from their cloud storage, which has become a norm these days for hand-held devices

Dynamic Group Box Labels – Text displayed for group box labels can now be defined in the Message Catalog

-Though a minor change, not having this feature until now is a reason for few customized pages in PeopleSoft. Mark it for review during upgrade, as this change could reduce few page customizations.

Deprecated Meta SQL Function – %DbServerName

-Potential impact to existing AE programs (this function is typically referenced in file based interface to differentiate multiple PS environments). Another item for review during upgrade.


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