Alert Emails – Quick Setup

Events and Notifications framework has seen major improvements in recent PeopleTools releases. Discussed below is a quick setup steps to configure automated email notifications using this framework.

For detailed information on this framework  refer to product guide – Events and Notification Framework

Sample use case: Automated notification to administrator on upcoming contract expiry to initiate contract renewal activities.

Step1: Create a PS Query definition to identify transactions to trigger email alert notification

  • Query must not contain a prompt value i.e. able to run without any parameter
  • Query output must contain either a PS User Id or Email Address to derive the target email recipient

Sample Query Output:


Step2: Configure Alert Definition based on new PS query. Use notification process category – CUSTOMEMAIL that is delivered to send email notifications

Sample alert configuration:


  • Alert Attributes – Define alert frequency and content format
  • Recipient Source – Map alert recipient identifier from PS Query
  • Email Subject/Message – Define Message Catalog for email content and map its bind variables to PS Query output
  • Transaction URL – Map transaction keys from PS Query to the search record fields in target component

Step 3:Run Alerts Notification Process

  • Alert definitions are processed by a delivered application engine process – EOEN_ALERT
  • Execute this process either on ad-hoc basis or using a recurrence definition as needed
  • Run control page allows selecting individual alerts or a group for execution


Alerts notification process publishes  an internal message – EOEN_MSG which is processed via integration broker to send out email notifications. Service operation – EOEN_MSG and related IB objects must be active.

Sample Email notification generated


Features of Event and Notification Framework

  • Ability to configure the content of notification email and include transaction data in it
    • Email content configured thru Message catalogue definition that can include HTML tags to create user friendly emails
  • Ability to send either individual or consolidated email to users. An example use-case scenario is to notify managers individually of contract expiry of their subordinates or consolidated notification to HR of contract expiry with their department
  • Notification email by default has a configurable re-direction link allowing users to directly access the transaction in the application. This feature allows user to take action on the notification immediately.
  • Apart from emails, notifications can also be created as worklist entries in PeopleSoft. This can be used as checklist as users can act on the notification and close the worklist to mark it as completed.

6 thoughts on “Alert Emails – Quick Setup

  1. Hi Logesh – thank you for the previous information. I am now trying to change the first bolded line within the body of the generated email (currently contains the Subject in bold text). I have looked in EOEN_ALERTS.CustomEmail app packager but can not find where this is defined. Do you know where I can change this? Thanks in advance!


  2. Hello, I am trying to setup a Alert in FSCM with the Transaction URL set to portal object EP_EXPRESS_ISSUE_INV_GBL , however when accessing the link from the email it tells me that I do not have access to the component, even though I do and can navigate there myself. I think the issue if that the action in the URL is ‘U’ (for Update/Display) and this component (EXPRESS_ISSUE_INV) does not have the action Update/Display enabled. Is there a way around this? I just want the user to be directed to the Add (Create) page for this component/page (Express Issue).


  3. Hi Val,

    Notification Detail URL is setup in the Peoplecode and changing that will require a code change.

    Peoplecode Details
    App Package – EOEN_MVC.EOEN_MODEL.EoenNotifyByEmail.OnExecute
    Method – SendEoenEmail.


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