Resume and Attached Documents – Bulk Print

Customers using PeopleSoft Recruiting solutions have highlighted a need to print application attachment documents like Resumes, Cover Letters etc. in bulk (multiple applicants at once).

Task of accessing and printing individual application attachments could be a laborious manual exercise as hundreds of applications could run into hundreds in some cases.

Oracle’s road map for recruiting solutions is coming up with a new bulk print feature for applications, which can be expected in next 12 months.

Meanwhile an alternative approach (hack) to perform this task is provided below.

  1. Perform a group action of “Forward Applicant” on a selected list of applications that needs to be printed to the user who can print the documents. This action will generate an email to the forwarded recipient and the resume documents for every applicant selected will be included as attachments in the email.
  2. Use the email received by the recruiting action in previous step to “Quick Print” all the resume documents attached in the email

Step 1: Select a list of applications and complete forward action.step1

Step 2: Email received by recipient, with documents as attachments.step2

Ability to print all the attachment documents in the email may vary depending on the email client and its version. Below is snapshot of ‘Print Attachment’ function in Microsoft Outlook 2013.step3

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